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Cruise Ship Cut In Half

Royal Caribbean, the owners of this 916ft cruise liner called the Enchantment of the Seas, really did cut it open to extend its length by 73ft thus adding 151 more cabins.

Construction crews had to work around the clock for six days to divide it in half, using blow torches and circular saws (they even cut a swimming pool in two along the way).

The new 12-deck high, 3,000-ton mid-section was carefully moved into place with hydraulic jacks, using lasers to keep things precise.

The new piece of the ship was then welded securely into position. Over 1,300 individual cables, pipes and ducts had to be reconnected.

Within six weeks, the Enchantment of the Seas was back in service again.

A Royal Caribbean spokesman said: "We've committed ourselves to providing innovative, exciting and unexpected experiences for our guests.
We are willing to stretch ourselves and our ships - literally - to fulfil that promise."

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