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European Cruise Vacation

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Sailing to the Old World is an amazing experience, especially for travelers who would be going to Europe for the first time. Europe is a fascinating place, rich with culture and history, not to mention blessed with so much beauty. Europe is a great place to go on a cruise.

But why go to Europe on a cruise ship rather than via airplane like most travelers?
If it is your first time to travel to Europe, there are many advantages you can get with going there on board a cruise ship that you might miss if you got there by airplane.

One such advantage that you can enjoy when going on a cruise to Europe is that you would be in a great deal more comfort when you go on your journey. Cruise ships have nearly all the amenities that you can ask for in a hotel. You can sleep in comfort, you can dine sumptuously, and you can kick back and relax or entertain yourself while the ship is sailing for the next port of call. The comfort that you can get from a cruise ship trumps everything that going through Europe by bus, by train or even by airplane can bring.

Another advantage that you can get if you opt to travel to Europe on board a cruise ship is convenience. The cities of Europe can be a confusing place to navigate through if you are just driving or commuting through them. If you are driving, you would have to figure out which side of the road you should stick to. The correct side of the road is just one of the problems you would have to deal with when driving through any European city; parking is as well. It is not just about the driving, either. Even with a map, you can get lost in any European city you are navigating through.

Aboard a cruise ship, you would not have to deal with driving; you will be going by sea or down a river and someone will be navigating the trip for you. You do not have to deal with parking and stuff like that. Whenever you go ashore to explore the city that is the cruise ship’s port of call, or maybe hiking or shopping, you will be going in groups and someone will be guiding you.

What cruises can you take if you have Europe in mind?
Here are the categories that most European cruises fall into:

  • Eastern Mediterranean. Greece, Turkey, Italy and Croatia. Sometimes includes Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt and Israel.
  • Western Mediterranean. Italy, the Italian Riviera, the French Riviera, Spain, Monte Carlo and Mallorca.
  • European Rivers. Most of the major cities of Europe are located along rivers. European river cruises cater to people who want to explore these cities.
  • British Isles. London, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
  • Islands on the Atlantic. Iceland, Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, Canary Islands
  • Scandinavia. Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia and Latvia.
  • The Fjords and Coastal Norway. Northern Europe east of Norway.
  • The Black Sea. Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and the former states of the Soviet Union.
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