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How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

By Anna Lynn Sibal

One of the few things that prevent people from going on a cruise vacation and missing out on the wonders of spending time away from home and sailing across the sea is the perceived costliness of a cruise vacation. If you have not been on a cruise vacation yet for precisely this reason, you would be glad to know that you can have a cruise vacation on a budget that is, if you know how to arrange it.

It takes a little bit of research to bag a good but inexpensive cruise, but it is certainly possible. Here are a few tips on how you can penny-pinch your way into going on a great cruise vacation without going bankrupt.

While Planning Your Cruise

1. Visit travel websites for some sweet deals and promotions. Oftentimes, when the date of departure gets closer, cruise lines begin to sell their as yet unoccupied cabins at a lower price to get the ship as full as possible. You can certainly save on these last-minute bookings, although you have to understand that you may not be able to score the cabin that you want on the deck that you want. There are also other cruise lines that offer early bird promos on their cruises.

2. Cruise when it is off-season for your chosen cruise. There are cruise trips that are popular on major holidays and certain seasons. Naturally, during these peak seasons, the cost of the cruise is more expensive. Off-season cruises are cheaper because few people travel during such times.

3. The bigger a cabin is, the pricier it gets. The cost of the cabin goes even higher the higher its location in the ship is. You can save on booking your cruise vacation if you opt to stay in a cabin on a lower deck, or perhaps in an inside cabin, without balconies or verandas.

4. Cruise ships sail from ports in Florida, Texas, New York, California, New Orleans, Boston and other coastal cities. You can save a huge lot on your cruise vacation if you opt to sail from a port that is near where you live so you would not have to fly to get there. But if you really must fly, go for cheap flights.

Save At Sea

Once at sea, you can keep to your budget and cut back on expenses aboard the ship and still enjoy your cruise through a few simple measures. For one, keep track of what you spend and avoid blowing cash on non-essential items. Also, many cruise ships have casinos on board; if you cannot keep away from casinos altogether, stick to a daily betting bankroll and walk away once you have used it up.

You can also save money while on your cruise vacation by minimizing your orders of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. If you are not that particular about what you drink, stick to coffee, hot tea or iced tea, because these drinks are usually free.

On ports of call, you can save further if you limit your attendance of shore excursions and explore instead on your own. Going off on your own is more fun, anyway, as long as you do not get lost. And while on shore, take advantage of the internet cafes and payphones there. Try not to make phone calls or access the internet while you are at sea because these will burn a hole in your wallet.

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