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Largest Sail Cruise Ship

Royal Clipper is the first fully-rigged square-rigger with five masts since her inspiration, Preussen, in l902. Fully rigged means squaresails on each of the masts.
Royal Clipper is by far the largest true sail ship afloat in the world today.

Royal Clipper was built at Merwede Shipyard, The Netherlands.
Dimensions: Length is 439 feet. Beam is 54 feet, Draft is 18.5 feet, Gross Tons: 5,000 (compares with 2,298 gross tons for sister ships, Star Flyer and Star Clipper).

Royal Clipper

Royal Clipper always will be under sail at sea except when weather requires she be powered by her twin 2,500 horsepower diesel engines. She does not use computers for sail handling.. All sails are raised, lowered and positioned from the security of the deck by skilled sailors who use power winches and hand controlled horizontal and vertical power furling.

Royal Clipper front

Sailing speed varies between 8 knots and 20 knots, depending on weather conditions. When the winds fail, Royal Clipper sustains 13.5 knots or higher with her twin Caterpiller 2,500 horsepower Diesel engines.

Size of crew: 105, of whom only 20 are needed to handle all sails. The remaining 85 crew serve passenger needs or are on support duty, such as in engine room. Number of Passengers: A total of 227 in double occupancy. Mast Height above the waterline: l97 feet.

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